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We cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a properly drafted will. A well thought out and prepared will not only ensures that your assets are properly handled upon your  death, but it should reduce stress and anxiety among those you leave behind. Drafting a will requires careful thought and a full examination of your personal financial situation. Our legal team works with clients to carefully consider who the appropriate appointees should be, be it as executor, trustee or guardian of minor children. Wills that are not properly drafted may also be incorrectly signed, which could mean the will is invalid from the outset. This could create a disaster for your family, business colleagues or your business itself. Trust our team of Kelowna estate planning lawyers to ensure that you and your family members each have well-considered and properly drafted wills.

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Who needs to have a will?
What does a will normally have in it?
Who do I need to appoint in my will to handle things when I die?
What happens if I die without a will?
What happens if my will is found to be invalid?
Can someone challenge my will?
I want to exclude a child from receiving anything in my will, or leave them much less than the other kids. Can I do this?
I’ve been told to consider trusts for my children in my will. Is this worthwhile and how do I accomplish this?
I have a will but it is old – how often should I review it?
I’ve moved here from another province where I had done a will. Is my will from that other province still valid?
I have disabled children or family members and want to leave them an inheritance, but do not want them to lose their disability benefits. How do I accomplish this in my will?
I have no family members who I want to be my executor or trustee. Who can I appoint to handle my affairs?
I want to donate some money to charity when I die. How do I accomplish this in my will?
I have property in another province or in another country. Will my BC will govern those assets?
I do not like my child’s spouse. How can I ensure that the inheritance I leave is not going to get into that spouse’s hands?
I don’t want my children or grandchildren to get a large inheritance when they hit 19 years old. How do we ensure they get an inheritance but do not get control of all the money until a later age?

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