I do not like my child’s spouse. How can I ensure that the inheritance I leave is not going to get into that spouse’s hands?

By creating a will that gifts your assets to your children or alternatively your grandchildren, if your children die before you, you can bypass your child’s spouse.  Even in the case where your minor grandchildren are to receive a gift, you can set out in your will that your executor and not the grandchild’s parent is to manage that grandchild’s gift until it is paid out to the grandchild.  One problem with gifting the money directly to your children is that once the assets have been gifted to your child, you cannot then prevent your child from gifting them to his or her spouse.  After the assets have transferred, the spouse may have a claim in them.  A way to minimize this risk would be to set up a separate trust for your adult child that is kept separate from the rest of his or her assets to decrease the risk of the spouse having a claim in them.

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