Who do I need to appoint in my will to handle things when I die?

The person or people who will handle the payment of your debts, the sale or transfer of your home, and the distribution of your money (among other things) will be your executor.  In your will you can name one or more people to act as your executor.  You can also name alternate executors to handle your estate in case your first executor is unable or unwilling to.  It is important to ensure that the person you name as your executor is trustworthy, responsible and willing to take on the job of being your executor as it can be a lot of work.  Your executor should also know you well and know about your financial affairs and personal circumstances so that person can execute your wishes to the best of his or her abilities.  If you decide to have more than one executor, you should appoint executors who get along and will be able to work together.  In your will, you can also set out whether your executor should get paid for taking on the job of being your executor and how much they should receive.

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