Intellectual Property

If you sell a product or provide a service you have likely spent a significant amount of time, money and energy creating a brand to set yourself out against your competitors. Your brand is your trademark which constitutes valuable intellectual property.

Montgomery Miles & Stone can assist you with identifying and protecting your intellectual property which includes trademarks but can also include copyright. We take the time to understand your business and discuss its potential in the marketplace to determine the best ways to protect the reputation and goodwill that you have worked hard to build.

At Montgomery Miles & Stone we can help you:

Montgomery Miles & Stone offers a free ½ hour consultation with its trademark agent, Vanessa Carle, so please contact us if you would like to learn more about your intellectual property rights.

Document your intellectual property ownership – if you employ someone to create original pieces of work for your business, such as literature, graphic designs or technology, do you have the ability to use these works however you want? The answer is no. Unless your employment agreement specifically assigns any copyright created by your employee to your business, you could be prevented from reproducing or altering those works. We can assist you with ensuring that you have accurate intellectual property assignments in place, so that you are noted as the rightful owner of any copyright, trademarks, or other intellectual property created for you.

Register your intellectual property – intellectual property comes in many forms, including copyright and trademarks. Copyright entitles the owner to produce or reproduce an original work, such as art, literature and music. A trademark distinguishes your goods and services from your competitors and allows the consumer to make a mental connection between your brand and your goods and services. Trademarks can be represented as words, designs, sounds, colours or a combination thereof. Only by registering your trademark can you obtain the exclusive rights throughout Canada to its use. We can help you navigate the copyright registration process and actively assist with the trademark process by working with you to prepare your trademark application, responding to any examiner’s requests or objections and, if necessary, working through any opposition proceedings.

Protect your intellectual property – what do you do if someone else is using your intellectual property? How do you stop others from taking advantage of all of the financial, emotional and physical effort that you have made to create a successful business? We can discuss the various options that you have for enforcing your intellectual property rights and preventing infringement.

Contact our Trademark Agent Vanessa Carle at 236-420-5373 or to start protecting your intellectual Property today!

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