Entering into a Tenancy

BC landlords and tenants of residential property should always have a written tenancy agreement. The Residential Tenancy Office has a standard form tenancy agreement the captures all the required details for enforceable tenancy agreements. You can find more details on the RTO website found at www.rto.gov.bc.ca and select “Entering Into a Tenancy” to locate the forms as well as numerous information sheets and guidelines for both landlords and tenants. Together with the tenancy agreement, the parties need to complete a “Condition Inspection Report” prior to commencing the tenancy. This document sets out the condition of all aspects of the property at the start of the tenancy, and then is completed again at the end of the tenancy, with any damage then more easily proved or disputed. We strongly recommend that landlord and tenants review the RTO website and materials on it in detail to inform themselves of their rights and obligations in a residential tenancy context.

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