Dealing with Issues During the Tenancy

Parties are always encouraged to talk and negotiate a resolution to their dispute, but sometimes this does not result in a resolution. When agreement cannot be reached, parties can apply for arbitration, a process designed to allow landlords and tenants, without lawyers, to meet with an adjudicator to tell their story, and hopefully have a binding decision rendered. This process takes time and can be frustrating to move through, and then even more frustrating to enforce a decision. The better way to operate is to ensure all relevant details are included in the tenancy agreement, any breaches are dealt with in accordance with the rules and regulations applicable to the type of issue, and prior to entering into the tenancy agreement, thorough due diligence be done on the tenants prior to entering into the agreement so that as a landlord, you can avoid a problem tenant. Learn and understand your rights and obligations as a landlord or as a tenant – it will help you navigate competently through any issues that arise, and will save you time and money should an issue arise.

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