Ending a Tenancy

There are numerous ways to end a tenancy, and numerous restrictions on both landlords and tenants on how they can unilaterally end a tenancy. Fixed term tenancy agreements end at the completion of the term, unless the parties agree to permit a month to month tenancy following the end of the term. Month to month tenancies continue as such until the tenant gives notice to move out. A landlord should be wary of entering into a month to month tenancy, as ending this type of tenancy may be difficult, and may require the Landlord to provide a free month’s rent. A landlord has the ability to terminate a tenancy for cause should the tenant default, but this process is time-consuming and will likely result in the landlord losing 1-2 month’s rent, and proceeding through the arbitration process, a process not necessarily friendly to landlords. You can read all about the rules and restrictions on ending a tenancy on the RTO website at www.rto.gov.bc.ca under Ending a Tenancy.

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