Administering the Estate

iStock_000016449434XSmallDealing with a person’s assets and estate after their death can be overwhelming for family members, but even more so for the individual(s) appointed to act as the executor. Beneficiaries often want and need funds much sooner than the executor can provide such to them. Bills must be paid, pets cared for, insurance changed, and on and on. The estate administration process can take many months to complete, and sometimes much longer than that. Taxes must be determined and paid. Vehicle ownership and insurance must be sorted out. Banking details must be confirmed to ensure ongoing obligations are met. There is a great amount of work to complete in any estate administration. The most simple administrations can be made very difficult once feuding family members get involved. All of these factors and issues are more easily handled when retaining our legal team of estate administration professionals. Contact one of Deanna Stone, David Miles or Richard Montgomery early on in the estate administration process and we will help you navigate through and complete this process.

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What happens to the deceased’s debts? || How do I get the deceased’s assets to the beneficiaries? || Are there any taxes to be paid? || What happens if one of my family members dies without a will? || Do I need to apply for Letters Probate if the estate is small?

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