Wills, Trusts, Estates & Estate Planning

We routinely help our clients plan their estate such that they have properly drafted wills as well as other estate planning tools such as powers of attorney and representation agreements. We can you set up a family trust, alter ego trust, joint partner trust or any other trust documents. We work not only with clients but with the clients team of professional advisors to structure estate plan and protect their family wealth.

There are likely many key questions which you will need to consider: who will be the guardian of your children; who will be your executor and trustee; how will your estate be distributed; or even how do you want your family to deal with your remains. Estate planning is something that many people put off. It’s a relatively inexpensive process especially considering the costs to your estate should you not have proper estate planning documents in place is significantly higher in addition to the increased stress and time commitments your family will face. We are happy to help you throughout the entire process. Check out the Montgomery Miles & Stone Law Firm Blog for our posts on estate planning issues or give us a call to schedule a no-cost initial meeting where we can review your will and other documents, talk about your present situation, and help you construct an estate plan.

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