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iStock_000014371678XSmallPower of Attorney and Representation Agreements

Our Kelowna law firm consists of three well-established and experienced estate planning lawyers. We routinely prepare power of attorney and representation agreement documents for clients as part of their estate plan. Clients often comment on how long they procrastinated in coming to see us to get these estate planning documents in place, and compare that against the ease in which we guided them through the process, noting that they really did not know why they put it off for so long. There are many key considerations when appointing an attorney or a substitute decision-maker in a Representation Agreement, many of which a client won’t properly consider without expert legal advice. There are many twists and turns that cannot be properly anticipated or considered when handling such key documents without legal advice. However, our legal team works with clients to take the uncertainty and stress out of estate planning, and to produce legal documents that allow clients to move forward without stress, knowing they have properly prepared and thought out powers of attorney and/or representation agreements.

Do I need a power of attorney? || Who should I appoint as my attorney? || What can an attorney do for me? || Can I terminate the appointment of an attorney? || What the risks in appointing someone as an attorney? || Are there rules that an attorney must follow?

What is a representation agreement? || How is this document different from, or similar to, a will or a power of attorney? || What matters are normally set out in a representation agreement? || The person you appoint is your “substitute decision maker”. What does this mean and who should I appoint? || Should I appoint more than one person as my substitute decision maker? || How is this document different from a “Living Will”? || Can I terminate this agreement or change the person I appoint in it?



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