Real Estate Is Tough On Trees

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Completing a real estate transaction is tough on trees. The amount of paper required for our file alone (not to mention the realtor’s file/mortgage broker’s file/other lawyer’s file/ect...) is significant. Sale files are not that bad but purchase and mortgage files can get quite thick. In....

Estate Planning Your Title

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When purchasing a home, you will need to decide how to register your title. This will involve at least some basic estate planning choices being made. The most common option is for spouses to register as joint tenants. This means they will each own an undivided....

Encumbrances on the Title to Your Property

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It has become quite common for a real estate purchase agreement to provide a subject clause that the deal will be subject to the purchaser checking the title to the property. Stop right there! This is a very important clause and should not be waived....

Estate Planning for Blended Families

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The challenges that people face in making an estate plan for a blended family will cause most people to lose sleep.  Once decisions have finally been made, the challenge is still not over. Family dynamics, relationships and priorities constantly change, so the matter must be....

Real Estate Tips From Us to You

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As a busy conveyancing firm, we see transactions with all sorts of unique aspects. Often we wonder why a decision was made to do X, and wish that we did have the opportunity to speak to a client before the contract was finalized. As this....

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