Acting as Executor

Our team of Kelowna lawyers has a handled countless estate administration matters. Executors often are overwhelmed with the amount of stress and work required to be completed upon death. Our expertise in navigating these legal matters can be invaluable to an estate administrator or executor. Executors have legal obligations to follow in such a role and need to be aware of these from the outset. Without expert legal advice, such as what can be obtained through our estate administration team, executors could make mistakes and face personal liability to the estate beneficiaries for such errors. Contact any of our lawyers to discuss involving our team in you or your loved one’s estate administration.

Contact the experienced team at Kelowna based Montgomery Miles & Stone Law Firm for answers to your Wills and Estates questions.

What happens if I am appointed as an executor? || What should I consider before deciding whether to act as an executor? || What are my first duties as an executor? || Will I get paid for acting as executor?

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