Closing the Deal – dealing with issues, signing the documents, and transferring the business.

All parties eagerly anticipate the completion date. Documents are exchanged between parties and the parties work together to ensure a seamless transition of the business on closing. Inventories are often conducted on or near the completion date, and these have to be documented. At the same time, parties often must attend to finalize and sign transaction documents. Accounts need to be changed, notices sent out to clients and the public, and many other last minute items must be sorted out between the parties. Both parties are very busy with business-related transition work and as such, have little time to focus on the legal aspects of closing. This is where our team of business lawyers carries the heavy weight for our business clients. We work hard to ensure the necessary legal transaction work is completed as required so that our client can focus on all the other details only the client can handle. At closing, we work to ensure our client, whether buyer or seller, moves beyond the completion date having expectations met and new goals in front of them.

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