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Having driven without a traffic accident (touch wood) for over 20 years, I consider myself, as Dustin Hoffman says in Rain Man, an “excellent driver”. I think that I know the rules of the road inside and out which is why on many occasions, I find myself talking to other drivers telling them how bad of a driver they are compared to me. While reigning down righteous indignation on other drivers last week, I thought of a blog post that would hopefully help stop what I consider to be an epidemic in Kelowna – a total inability to merge properly. Well, I must now confess that I actually am teaching myself a lesson on this point.

In BC, cars must merge only when the traffic signs specifically state that it is a merge situation, and if so, cars from the respective lanes take turns letting each other in. However, if the situation is such that there is a sign noting that the lane ends ahead, it is not a merge situation and the driver in the lane that is ending must move into the adjacent lane only when it is safe to do so. The driver in the adjacent lane is not required to let you in.

When I head home to West Kelowna (before the construction lane changes occurred), I would take the leftmost lane on bridge hill heading out of Kelowna, and I ended up driving right up to the lane end marker and then merging in. I always passed dozens of cars doing this and wonder why very few other drivers did the same. Assuming it was a merge situation, I was often bamboozled when so many people didn’t just drive up and then merge into the adjacent lane when the lane ends.

Well, having checked the Motor Vehicle Act, and having read the DriveSmart BC blog, I now realize that many people may consider me a “squeezer”. Squeezers are drivers who think that the lane ending situation is a merge situation, and they expect that the drivers in the adjacent lane must let them in just as if it was a merge situation. There is no legal requirement for drivers to act this way though DriveSmart suggests that a good defensive driving tactic is to be courteous and to just let the Squeezers in rather than to make them come to a complete stop and then sneak their way into the lane when a space opens up. Some drivers abide by that advice but many Kelowna drivers take pleasure in making the Squeezer stop and wait. The choice is yours and there is no correct (legal) way to do this. However, if it is a merge situation, don’t be that driver who won’t let someone into their lane…you are supposed to merge alternately! If you are interested in seeing what DriveSmart BC has to say about this or some other law you think you understand, check out their website at:

I’m going to dig a bit deeper and see if I can determine whether you turn left at a red light when travelling on a one way street, and if all those people taking the Campbell Rd exit then sneaking around the roundabout to get the jump on traffic are actually breaking the law.


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