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Kia Robertson struggled with being a picky eater as a child so she was determined to set healthy eating habits for her daughter Hannah. After reading about the importance of eating a rainbow of fruits and veggies she had the idea to create a chart that would allow Hannah to track the various colours of fruits and vegetables that she ate throughout the day. Having the chart on the fridge proved to be an excellent visual reminder and helped everyone in the family to make good eating choices!

Eating a rainbow is a fun and easy way to get kids thinking about the importance of eating a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables everday. By breaking produce down into colour groups of fire-engine red, bright orange, sunshine yellow, emerald green, and rich purples you can make eating fruits and vegetables fun and easy for your kids! Even at a very young age, kids can easily grasp the concept of eating a rainbow! Based on the success of the chart with their daughter Hannah, Kia and her husband Jamie set out to make the chart available to families throughout North America! The result is the Today I Ate A Rainbow kit consisting of a colourful chart, 4 sets of magnets, a rainbow shopping list and The Rainbow Bunch book! You can learn more about this product at

In 2010 the Robertson family formed a company called Rainbow Innovations Group with their partners and are already working on expanding their product line to encourage healthy eating for the whole family! They have also turned their rainbow kit into a healthy fundraiser item for schools across North America. They will be launching more books in The Rainbow Bunch series in 2012 as well as more videos in their kids cooking series called In The Rainbow Kitchen.

You can connect with the Kia on Twitter @eatingarainbow and on Facebook Also, be sure to check out their Rainbow blog for fun recipes to make with kids, tips for picky eaters and so much more!

If you’d like to get your kids ASKING to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables you can purchase a Today I Ate A Rainbow kit online at the rainbow kits are currently on sale for only $19!

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