Tax Treatment of Testamentary Trusts

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Atomic 55, as you can clearly see by scrolling to the bottom of this page, is the website developer for Montgomery Miles & Stone Law Firm.  Atomic 55 is owned by Ryan and Jennifer Grundy and operates out of the technology building at the corner of St. Paul and Doyle here in Kelowna after its recent move from its Pandosy Street location. Atomic 55 has a staff of 5 developers locally as well as a team of developers in Indonesia.

Atomic 55 focuses on website design, search engine optimization (SEO) and any kind of marketing your business could require. Their key focuses are on unique creativity and the use of technology in your marketing efforts. Through a separate company, Ryan and Jenn have teamed with another individual to start See Our Tour, which sells a complimentary service of a virtual tour of your business which can be then posted on your website for clients to view. Following this technology, Ryan and Jenn, then formed VUE Techologies to provide a further service known as EstateVue. EstateVue is a real estate tour software unlike any other.

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